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I attended my first DFW Python meetup on <2015-01-10 Sat>. It was held at Improving Enterprises and there were about 24 people present. Chris Nelson and John Zurawski are co-coordinators of the DFW Pythoneers Meetup group. They host main monthly meetings (2nd Saturday?), project nights (3 or 4th Thursday?), and a social meeting.

Beginner Python led by Ed Kozlowski

First hour was for begginers and Ed Went through some Python topics, answered questions. He showed a demo using virtualenv and pip to create environments and talked about anaconda install of python, and the ipython-notebook and console. for some resources for beginners

PyData Conference in Dallas

Beth Lahahie ( delivered a short message. PyData Dallas conference is being organized for April 24-26th, and previous PyData conferences have been in New York, San Francisco, etc. PyData link for the organization

General Intro from Chris Nelson

Improving Enterprises, O’Reilly, PyCharm are sponsors. PyCharm has given a commercial license, and it along with a couple books will be given away later.

John Zurawski

John went over a lot of cool information (see for a list). I found the 10 Myths of Enterprise Python to be very interesting, including a couple key points I noted. - PayPal has been using Python for 15 years - BofA has 5000 Python developers

Also, see for a curated list of good Python videos.

Chris Nelson on Data Structures

Chris led an informal discussion of data structures, using IPython console. He talked about the list, tuple, and dict types, and touched on the idea of mutability. Marcel got up and showed an IPython notebook with some data analysis of NBA salaries, including list comprehensions Several times the Collections library came up in various contexts, particularly for Counter (supports convenient and rapid tallies) and namedtuple (“assign meaning to each position in a tuple and allow for more readable, self-documenting code”). He closed the session with a challenge to use the Moby Words thesaurus to do something interesting with Python and present to the group.